Nortrans is actively working to develop a sustainability plan to guide us to reducing our GHG emissions and overall environmental footprint.

We acknowledge our place as a heavy-industrial company contributing disproportionately to rising greenhouse gas emissions and the devastating impacts of climate change. Through recent fires and floods, we’ve felt those impacts right in our own backyard.

Our Initiatives

We understand the need for leaders that work together to push the transportation and logistics industry towards positive change, and we are enthusiastic in continuing our journey and partnerships in this space. At this time, we are proud to share several of our most recent environmental initiatives:

Fuel Efficiency

Implementing the ISAAC platform to promote efficient driving, leading to fuel savings of up to 15% across the Nortrans fleet.


Serving as a member on the BC Trucking Association’s Sustainability Committee, acting as an industry voice to drive positive change forward.


Working with our OEMs to test new, more sustainable equipment prototypes through the mountain passes of British Columbia.